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Building Basement Windows

I have been working on tearing out the lathe and plaster on the ceiling of the basement. What a mess I'm creating, although I can now see the bones of the building. There are some massive wooden beams up above, some look like 12 x 2s in sections. They are still 4' above my head under the stage area, this is where I am starting. I am looking to take a bunch of weight off of the floor above.

I have finished sanding and painting a few windows, they have been put back in place and look totally different than when I started. They are now a chocolate brown instead of the standard white that old buildings tended to be. I decided to paint the inside the same brown because it is easier than keeping track of which color for inside or outside view. I think I will paint the trim around the windows a lighter brown or tan on the inside of the basement for a brighter look.

I really like the old glass that is on these windows as they are textured and thick. They let in plenty of light, but are not see through. Great design for the basement windows. I broke a few while trying to take them out and the building came without some in tacked. I do have some extra glass standing around upstairs that may need cutting, but I have accomplished this before and I believe I can do it again. Hopefully I have enough to complete all of the windows.

Some of the frames need fixing or replacing in some areas as they are all at ground level. The grass (weeds) and rain water has damaged a lot of them. I will try and do this while I'm working on the windows themselves. Taking these windows apart has been an adventure as to the mechanical works of them. I have done plenty of windows in the past with the weights and sashes, but this is the first time taking the whole window frame apart. I am up for this challenge and will do my best to complete before the cold weather sets in.

The building is old so the style is a separate hanging storm window or screen that is attached by clips. I have gotten new clips through a company on line some time ago and will get these refinished after the main windows are complete.

I hope to remember to get some pics by next week as to keep a record of my work for you and me.

Thanks for reading this week, Kris

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