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Happenings This Week

Hi there,

I’m here just thinking about what to write while drinking morning coffee. I have been traveling lately and visiting people from long ago, while picking up some side work to help pay bills and spend extra cash. Today is a morning to start reconnecting to my site a little.

I have been putting up some fun coffee cups that can be personalized and made into gifts for my loved ones. I have tried this out and have come to purchase some for my family for their Birthday and Xmas gifts this year.  I work with another company that prints and sends them out. I create the pictures and sayings that are printed on them.  You can insert someone else’s name or your own on them. I would love to hear some ideas of what you think would be good to have.  You can check out the ones I have so far on this site at coffee cups.  Stay tuned for many more as coffee is the best part of my mornings.

Snowman coffee cup
Elf coffee cup
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