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July's News


We are reaching the end of July 2022 and I would like to reflect on all I have accomplished so far this year. I helps motivate me on what is still on my list to get done before winter and cold weather sets in.

I have been working on my new/old building formally called Garfield Hall, which used to be an old school, town hall and what ever else was needed in the good old days. There is a complete stage on the back half of the place with a curtain rail that is still in tacked. It contains very old wiring referred to as knob and tube and snakeskin wiring. It also has a cistern on the outside that had an old pump attached for water. I still have both of these, but the pump is very rusty and is missing so many pieces I don't know if it works at all. I will keep it just for nostalgia of the former life style.

There are underground springs that run under the building that become active after plenty of thaw in the spring or rain throughout the year. I haven't seen any use for my sump pump for over a year now.

The yard is old grass that are weeds and not anything good to brag about. I am constantly cutting down volunteer bushes that arise close to the building that shouldn't be. I started last year to clean this up by digging around and cleaning out brush. It is a very demanding job and I decided that I am old enough to rent/purchase some heavy equipment to help out with all the yard work.

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