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Building Update

I went to work on my building yesterday with my steamer to help me clean up. The place is such a mess in the basement as it has been unoccupied for years. I started steaming around the windows, hoping to get rid of a lot of the cob webs and critters hanging out. Good news is I successfully killed some of the living critters that crawled in and took residence. Today I plan on fogging the place to easily evict the rest of those creepy tenants.

I am starting in the basement for remodeling first as it will be the easiest to heat in the winter. After the fogging and eviction will come waterproof painting and insulating with foam board. Then building walls along the perimeter, wiring, plumbing and whatever else that is needed.

I hope to get a basement septic put in so I can have a drain down there for a kitchen and bath. I plan on living in the basement once all the previous tenants are gone and the place is presentable enough.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.