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Today’s News

Today I was working on my new building, took out a few basement windows to strip, sand and repaint. I am going to paint the outside of the windows a dark brown and the inside a white color. I have put a lot of thought in the building colors and have come up with a really deep red with dark brown trim.

I am going to make my living courters in the basement of the building as it will be much easier to heat. There is a lot of cleaning out as it has all my molds from ceramics. When it is done clearing out and cleaning walls and floors, I will be putting up interior walls against the cement walls and start my home remodeling.

I am going to work as often as possible on my new building and hope to have is livable by spring of next year.

The profits of everything I sell thru my website will be to help refinish this building. I want it to be a wedding reception place for all around the area.

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